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Hello guys. I regret to say that due to a bug recently found by @Amir Emad and exploited by some unknown individual, a lot of factions have been disbanded. I am sincerely sorry of the damage that was caused by the glitch that occurred. However, I wish to point out that since it seems that some prominent factions were disbanded, how would you like it for me to initiate a faction reset (Reset of all inventories and money, plots, and (maybe) factions?)

Many thanks, Legoboy.
README Lcpe changes
Hello! Today I'm here to announce that sadly, the LCPE you used to know will be different. LCPE was always a minigame server, but I realized that it is very hard to be competitive in the MCPE server realm when there are large servers like Mineplex, Hypixel, LBSG etc. Thus, I have decided to make LCPE into a classical factions server, where there is little to no learning curve. This means if you have ever played single player MCPE, you can transfer those survival skills onto LCPE! Obviously, factions will be in beta, so report any issues you find over here.

IP: facs.legocraft.me
Port: 19132

Status: Open (Still in Beta)

Sincerely, Legoboy :)
Hello! There is now a new minigame on LCPE called SpeedySpleef. You will be able to play it when I successfully update the server. Our server is currently running into crashes that only our host can resolve. Be patient!

PS: RifleBrawl and CaptureTheFlag is also done, so stay tuned ;)

Sincerely, Legoboy.
Hey, long time no see folks. So as you know 0.16.0 is out for the majority of the platforms, and will be here on iOS soon. But the problem is, a lot of new stuff it coming in, which is a pain in the butt for us server owners. So I have decided that LCPE would be down until a stable build of the server software we use is released. Thanks for understanding, and have a nice day!

Comment down below for any questions.

PS: I am very busy so I can't really work on LCPE now. I am trying :)