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We believe we have a good amount of new admins, so Admin applications are now closed.

Sincerely, Legoboy.
Currently, as you may know the hub server experiences freezes. I finally narrowed it down to SkyWars. I will be attempting to optimize SkyWars so it will be removed. After that, I'll be adding BrickBattle! :D

- Legoboy
Mind you, you will have to be Trainee for 2 weeks, and we will evaluate you and decide if you can be an Admin on all LCPE servers, or maybe only one.
Hey everyone:

Spoiler: Server is not on yet - Will be on in June or July.

I am introducing a new LCPE server, LegoFactions Alpha. This is a new revamp of the old factions server, and will now be the main focus of LCPE. Below are the details of the server:

IP: facs.legocraft.me
Port: 19132

This is a test factions server. It will not always be online. There are 1000 x 1000 world borders, and will have resets every 3 month. It has 40 slots, which is more than enough for the Alpha phase :)

  • Full-fledged economy
  • Amazing plot management system (In 16x16x256 chunks)
  • Shops
  • Faction permissions
  • And more to come soon!
You may request any features you want, just post all ideas here :D

Please, please report any bugs or glitches, so I can fix them for smoother gameplay! Also, I will be frequently online for testing. You can say hello ;)

- Sincerely, Legoboy.
Hey everyone! I apologize for all the delays due to technical issues. Seriously, the spawn is coming this week. Also, if I find a way to reduce lag on the server, you guys will be able to beta test BrickBattle on LCPE. For those who don't know what BrickBattle is, it is basically a minigame like MircoBattles, ported to MCPE and custom map (Really, built by myself :p). There are lots of bugs, so when it comes out I need full opinions!

BrickBattle just needs an NPC Kit system and a few message tweaks to come out live!

The spawn will come this week, I promise.

At last, I need to improve maybe some code and remove useless features on LCPE to make it less laggier, so we can all enjoy fun :)

Sincerely, Legoboy.

PS: My schedule:
  1. Complete BrickBattle and add an NPC kit system
  2. Fix lag (Remove features) on the server
  3. Update spawn
  4. Maybe get a new VPS, we never know :D