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Hello! This is @Legoboy0215 here with another important report. I have removed all player data files (/players/***.dat files). This would not affect game play, since LCPE is a minigame-based server. Have fun!

Also, for those who are having issues loading terrains, you can FINALLY join now! Those .dat files were corrupted :p

Good night ;)
Server Rules:

1) No In-Game Dating
- This involves asking others if they want a boyfriend or girlfriend
- This will result in being kicked or banned from LCPE, depending on the owner or an admin

2) No Cursing
- Swearing or using any offensive language
- This will result in being kicked from LCPE
- If you are caught swearing multiple times, you will be banned from LCPE

3) No Cheating

- Players are not allowed to cheat on the server in anyway.

  • This includes client-sided modding, for example GhostHack.
- This will result in permanent ban or ban until owner decides otherwise

4) No Cross Teaming
- This includes cross teaming in:

  • TeamWarz
  • Or any other team minigame
Cross Teaming will result in being reported, kicked or banned by any Admins

5) Be Nice to Everyone
- Please refrain from:

  • Insulting someone
  • Being rude to another
  • Or getting mad just because you lost a fight or a minigame
  • Please Don’t Rage!
6) Do not advertise anything on LCPE
- Please do not advertise any non-LCPE related things in chat
- We are not an advertisement company

7) Do not hackusate others.

- LCPE uses a brand new system called the ‘CacheNet’
- It detects the times where you have detected using cheats
- This is sent as a weekly report to the owner.
- Hackusating won’t help at all.
- Well, you still want to cheat eh?
To-do BrickBattles
Basically a variation of TeamWarz, but with only two teams. It will be fun, I guarantee it :)
New Feature PHP7 and fixed bugs.
Expect LCPE server release 3.0.0 in about 3 days! The server is down because I am fixing lots of PHP7 plugin bugs :)