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You know what happened? I just forgot to add a permission check so people could just break the sign and ruin peoples fun. I fixed it when I was asleep, and applied the patches on the server. Thanks to my sleep :D

Also, when you respawn you get kits too on TeamWarz :p
Congrats to MSG100LC for being our first mod trainee!
This is a result of a DDoS attack. We expect to come back after about 3 hours :)
Fixed a major bug where you can't even play SW or HG. And now lag has been reduced by 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @PEMapModder and me for fixing ServerAuth lag problems.
Well, let me introduce beta SkyWars! You all heard of SkyWars, eh? Nothing much to say. Find the not-so-secret sign in the lobby and tap it :)