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Shutdown the server? It is laggy. Got no money to pay. SkyWars and HG is too much.
Lots of people are asking for TeamWarz release date. Simple. No money = no TeamWarz, since we don't have enough RAM.
Lying to me about buying VIP can result an ip ban.
Title says it all. YAY!
Hi! @Legoboy0215 here! I am very excited to announce VIP and MegaVIP perks. It will be listed here later on detailed, but now just let me show you some:

  • Longer speed in HG.
  • More kits on HG (Everyone can, but only 2 kits for normal players) [WIP]
  • KitPVP most kits for free
  • Commands that normal players can't use
  • VIP or MegaVIP chat and name tag
  • Lobby particles!
  • Unlocks Beta testing minigames (Future)
  • Select teams in TDM (Future)

You can purchase these ranks at Our Store.
At last, have a nice day on LegoCraftPE and we are looking forward to see you on the server!