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Official LCPE forums!

I unphared the wrong version of PM, so you may not be able to join the server. Please wait patiently :)
I will fix it tommorow :)
Would you like GunWars? Or just implement it into KitPVP. GunWars will use the same structure as SurvivalGames, by the way. Vote and comment features on top!
Title says it all. Report any bugs on our bug tracker or on the forums. Hope you enjoy it!\

IP: play.legocraft.me
Port: 19132
Hello, I am sure when you registered you had problems while trying to confirm your email. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused. This is a problem caused by SMTP, some crap about mails. Now, there is a solution!

Here, I will list everyone who helped me / us achieve what we have now. From Builders to Bug testers, devs to staff members, I will list them all. If I missed you, PM me.

Here I start!

Bug testers:
Too MANY to LIST! But most notably: