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README Factions reset poll

Discussion in 'News' started by Legoboy0215, Aug 23, 2017.

By Legoboy0215 on Aug 23, 2017 at 12:42 PM
  1. Legoboy0215

    Legoboy0215 Owner Staff Member LCPE Dev

    Hello guys. I regret to say that due to a bug recently found by @Amir Emad and exploited by some unknown individual, a lot of factions have been disbanded. I am sincerely sorry of the damage that was caused by the glitch that occurred. However, I wish to point out that since it seems that some prominent factions were disbanded, how would you like it for me to initiate a faction reset (Reset of all inventories and money, plots, and (maybe) factions?)

    Many thanks, Legoboy.
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Do you want a faction reset?

Poll closed Sep 23, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No



Discussion in 'News' started by Legoboy0215, Aug 23, 2017.

    1. LittleSlime
      I know who it was it was piplup232 he took all our stuff
    2. Hero_CraftPlayz
      I... know who did it all.. the individual was.. Kuazz_TwT Or KuazzTwT.. I don't remember.. I was meaning to talk to u Lego.. He Somehow Got My IP and He Told me In Game That He will Show People killings themself.. he has done it already and me, as a 11 year old am nerveous to do what to do.. I don't want to be killed as to I'm too young.. Please do something about it ..... He has Done it before.. I have seen it.. I'm scared and I am Too nervous :( so I'm sorry for this but.. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?
    3. Ulti

      Literally? That's totally illegal, I'm sure it was an empty threat. Tell me what you mean by "seeing it".
    4. Hero_CraftPlayz
      He told me to have something in my hand in game. He went to spawn and he said Hero, You Have Steak in my hand. And I looked everywhere In my room and He wasn't therr
    5. Hero_CraftPlayz
      Idk what's going on but he knows I have discord :l
    6. Hero_CraftPlayz
      I don't know what is happining but should I get a new phone?!?
    7. Legoboy0215
      I can literally share my IP right now without anything happening.
    8. Hero_CraftPlayz
    9. _TimTam_
      show me your IP :imp:
    10. _TimTam_
      jk lol anyway you exposed him
    11. TheOfficialG4M3R
      Kuazz_TwT or aka Blair

      He is a hacker. He told me himself. He told me in /tell

      He said my IP and and what I look like.

      I was scared. Was going to ask someone to ban him but the server closed and I totaly forgot about it
    12. Hero_CraftPlayz
    13. Hero_CraftPlayz
      He is a hacker he found out I have Skype and he knows my discord name
    14. Amir Emad
      Amir Emad
      Do not worry at all nothing bad will happen to you no one can hack your Skype accounts, MCPE accounts or Discord if they have your IP

      They can only do so if they have your password

      Well and he can simply use the search bar to find you one Skype or ask someone

      He is not a Hacker in-fact he is someone who is Trolling you

      And by the way anyone can get your IP starting from server owners to any website you visit your IP is always recorded whenever you go

      Generally Speaking just cool down nothing bad will happen.
    15. TheOfficialG4M3R
      I know a hacking app that he uses to get inside peoples account.

      It is called Toolbox For MCPE

      I came in on another account (just to spy lol) and someone was into my account flying. That poser said that he can use xray hacks and can use mods. I was afraid that if someone ban that poser, it will ban me too.
    16. Amir Emad
      Amir Emad
      Well No one can access your account nor hack it using any kind of the things you have mentioned

      In your case the best thing to block that person from accessing your account is simply using the change password command and make a good password and he will simply will never be able to access your account .

      Also try to compare that other person name with your name and I am sure he have used a similar name but not the same name .

      I hope this helps you out.
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    17. Hero_CraftPlayz
    18. Hero_CraftPlayz
      When will server be up ?

      Hopefully soon ;D
      TheOfficialG4M3R likes this.
    19. TheOfficialG4M3R
      I know who Kuazz_TwT signed up on the forums!

      He had two accounts!

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